Web Site Administration Tool

Web Site Administration Tool (WSAT) is a development tool which allows you to perform several tedious tasks of a PRADO project in a GUI fashion. Its inspired in both Asp.Net - Web Site Administration Tool and Yii's Gii. WSAT will continue gaining new features along the time, at the moment it bring you the followings:

  • Generate one or all Active Record Classes.
  • Optionally generate all relationships in Active Record Classes.
  • Generate the magic __toString() method in all AR Classes.


To use WSAT, you need to install it using composer:

composer require pradosoft/prado-wsat
Then add in your project configuration file: application.xml, in the services section the wsat service like follows:
    <service id="wsat" class="System.Wsat.TWsatService" Password="my_secret_password" />


Then you are ready to go to: http://localhost/yoursite/index.php?wsat=TWsatLogin and doing so you should see the following page:

Where in the text field you need to type the password previosly specified in the service inclusion. This is part of a basic security system to avoid undesirable persons to use this tool.

Active Record classes generation

In order to generate AR classes you need to go to: http://localhost/divermania/index.php?wsat=TWsatGenerateAR by clicking the proper links in the welcome page. Then you should see the following page:

In which you can find a basic usage documentation in a light green panel and then some proper fields in order to generate active record classes. These fields are:

  • Table Name: refers to the table name in your database for which you want to generate an AR class. Let it as come by default with an * to generate them all.
  • Output Folder: refers to the folder where you want to save your generated classes. It only accepts namespace format which means that you need to specify your path separated with points in between. It default value is: "Application.App_Data.AR_Classes" which references the protected/App_Data/AR_Classes file of your project, if you haven't created them yet and you want to, don't bother, WSAT will do it for you.
  • Class Prefix: refers to the prefix that you whish to specify in front of every class name. Clear the field to specify no prefix.
  • Class Suffix: refers to the suffix that you whish to specify at the end of every class name. Clear the field to specify no suffix.
  • Build Relations: whether or not you want to add relationships to AR classes generation.