API Manual

TActiveHtmlArea displays a WYSIWYG text input field on a Web page to collect input in HTML format. The text displayed in the THtmlArea control is specified or determined by using the Text property. To adjust the size of the input region, set Width and Height properties instead of Columns and Rows because the latter has no meaning under this situation. To disable the WYSIWYG feature, set EnableVisualEdit to false. Content of the editor can be changed during callback by setting Test property.

TActiveHtmlArea provides the WYSIWYG feature by wrapping the functionalities provided by the TinyMCE project.

The default editor gives only the basic tool bar. To change or add additional tool bars, use the Options property to add additional editor options with each options on a new line. See TinyMCE website for a complete list of options. The following example displays a toolbar specific for HTML table manipulation,

	plugins : "table"
	theme_advanced_buttons3 : "tablecontrols"

The client-side visual editing capability is supported by Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Windows and Gecko-based browser. If the browser does not support the visual editing, a traditional textarea will be displayed.

                Windows XP        MacOS X 10.4
MSIE 6                  OK
MSIE 5.5 SP2            OK
MSIE 5.0                OK
Mozilla 1.7.x           OK              OK
Firefox 1.0.x           OK              OK
Firefox 1.5b2           OK              OK
Safari 2.0 (412)                        OK(1)
Opera 9 Preview 1       OK(1)           OK(1)
(1) - Partially working