API Manual

TInPlaceTextBox is a component rendered as a label and allows its contents to be edited by changing the label to a textbox when the label is clicked or when another control or html element with ID given by EditTriggerControlID is clicked.

If the OnLoadingText event is handled, a callback request is made when the label is clicked, while the request is being made the textbox is disabled from editing. The OnLoadingText event allows you to update the content of the textbox before the client is allowed to edit the content. After the callback request returns successfully, the textbox is enabled and the contents is then allowed to be edited.

Once the textbox loses focus, if AutoPostBack is true and the textbox content has changed, a callback request is made and the OnTextChanged event is raised like that of the TActiveTextBox. During the request, the textbox is disabled.

After the callback request returns sucessfully, the textbox is enabled. If the AutoHideTextBox property is true, then the textbox will be hidden and the label is then shown.

Since 3.1.2, you can set the ReadOnly property to make the control not editable. This property can be also changed on callback