Jui widgets controls

Jui widgets are complex controls built on the foundations of jQuery effects and jQueryUI interactions. PRADO Jui widgets controls can be divided in two groups:

  1. Standard Widgets, extend a control affecting its aspect and functionality: eg. TJuiProgressbar transforms an TActivePanel into a Progressbar
  2. List Widgets, take a repeated list of items and relayout their presentation: eg. ...
For informations of the specific options of each widget, follow jQuery-UI Widget API Documentation for the specific interaction.


API Manual - jQuery UI API

TJuiProgressbar is an extension to TActivePanel based on jQuery-UI's Progressbar widget.

The panel takes the aspect of a progressbar ranging from a value of 0 to the value of the Max property. The current value can be set using the Value property; setting it to false will create an undefined progressbar.


API Manual - jQuery UI API

TJuiAutoComplete is an extension to TActiveTextBox based on jQuery-UI's autocomplete widget.

TJuiAutoComplete is an extended ActiveTextBox that provides a list of suggestions on the current partial word typed in the textbox. The suggestions are requested using callbacks. The Frequency and MinChars properties sets the delay and minimum number of characters typed, respectively, before requesting for sugggestions. An embedded TRepeater is used to Display the list of suggestions. It can be accessed and styled through the Suggestions property and its sub-properties.

On each request for suggestions, the OnSuggestion event will be raised. The event handler receives the entered token that can be used to build the list of suggestions and to dataBind() it to the Suggestions repeater.

When a suggestion is selected the OnSuggestionSelected event is raised, with the index of the selected suggestion contained in the parameter. Multiple selections can be performed in the same textbox. The selections must be separated by any characters specified with the Separator property.


API Manual - jQuery UI API

TJuiDialog is an extension to TActivePanel based on jQuery-UI's dialog widget.

TJuiDialog is an extended TActivePanel that shows an dialog. The dialog may contain buttons that can fire callback events.

The dialog may contain one or more TJuiDialogButton Controls. The buttons may contain a callback that will be fired when they are clicked.


API Manual - jQuery UI API

TJuiDatePicker is an extension to TActiveTextBox based on jQuery-UI's datepicker widget.

TJuiDatePicker is an extended TActiveTextBox that shows a date picker dialog on focus for an easy way to enter a date into the textbox.